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Just a quick note to say I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and holiday celebration! I know I did and I'm looking forward to a wonderful 2011, with so many exciting developments for Inkberry and all of my sites to come in the new year! As busy as I get every single day, I never forget to check my stats to see my site visitors from all over the WORLD! It's truly interesting to see how far my designs reach, and it is part of what I love so much about being a designer and doing what I do. Even based in Virginia, I'm able to create custom designs for anyone, anywhere! And I love this blog because it is an easy way for me to keep my true fans, friends, customers and biggest supporters updated on all the latest news with Inkberry. I have seen many recurring visits lately, from many recognizable locations and computers not just on my blog, but my website as well. Typically I love this, when I know it is a customer or fan coming to see their designs posted, or order matching items, or just checking in to say hi or tell me about an upcoming event they are starting to plan. I truly love my fans, customers and friends and am looking forward to an awesome 2011, filled with fun new items, announcements, changes and more!

I hope everyone has a wonderful week, and a fabulous NEW YEAR celebration!! :)


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