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It's been a busy new year over here - adding new designs and options to the shop for everything from planning printables to bridal, baby shower and birthday invitation designs. You will see many new designs going up in the shop over the next few months and you will notice that we have new printing and color envelope options for all designs! This is something I am very excited about since we took a break from offering colored envelopes for a year or so. I'm so excited they are available again and hope to add more color choices as soon as they are available. 

To help keep up with all the new designs coming to the shop, I thought I would start sharing blog posts that feature a few each week or so. Today I am sharing some of my new children's birthday party invitations that are perfect additions to our growing collection of popular kids party invites. 

This is one of my new favorite designs - our colorful chalkboard Mermaid Birthday Party invitation. How cute are these mermaids and sea animals? I love the bright mix of colors with the popular purple and aqua mermaid party color scheme. 

Mermaid birthday party invitation - adorable colorful chalkboard style

You can also check out our Mermaid Birthday Party Pinterest board for tons of adorable mermaid party ideas! 

mermaid party ideas on pinterest by inkberrygirl inkberry cards inkberry creative

I am also loving our new Roller Skating Birthday Party invitations! We have three styles - one for girls, one for boys, and one that is a great color combo for a boy girl roller skating party. 

This is our Boy's Roller Skating Birthday Party invitation which is chalkboard style and in a cool aqua, lime green, gray and red color scheme. I love how this color combo is a bit different than the standard primary colors that boys party invitations tend to use. All colors are customizable though, so if you want a different color combo, we can do that, too! 

boys roller skating birthday party invitation - chalkboard style

Here is our popular Girl's Roller Skating Birthday Party Invitation in pink, aqua, lime green and purple. 

girls roller skating birthday party invitation - chalkboard style

And below is the Boy/Girl Sibling, Twin or Friend Roller Skating Birthday Party Invitation. This is the perfect gender neutral, colorful, bright color scheme that is perfect for a combination of boys and girls. This design really works great for brother sister shared parties. 

boy girl roller skating birthday party invitation

We also have two, cute new Lllama birthday party invitations. My favorite is the Llama Llama Pajama Party version which is so fun for a llama theme pajama party. We also have a "whole llama fun" version you can find here

llama llama pajama party invitation - chalkboard style

I think my very favorite new design right now is a new version of our popular Pancakes and Pajamas party invitations - a Rise and Shine Breakfast Pajama Party invitation. I think what I love the most about this one is the adorable bunting banner at the top, and the new layout of the party details below. This design also has plenty of room for two names and ages, or can be customized for one single child. 

rise and shine breakfast pancakes pajama party invitation

I also have a new Boy's Pancakes and Pajamas Party invitation that is so cute with it's brown bear slippers! We have this as both an instant download and a printed cardstock version. You can find the instant download, printable version here, and the printed version here

 boys pancakes and pajamas party invitation

These are just some of the new designs that have been added to the shop lately for kids party invitations. I have been working on adding new designs in ALL categories including bridal/wedding, baby shower, instant downloads, wedding printables, planning printables and more! If there are any new themes or products you would love to see I would love to hear about it as I am always adding popular new themes for all categories. Email me with any themes or questions anytime. 

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