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So, many of my blog readers are also my wonderful Facebook fans, so many of you know this news already, but I had to share on my blog too! This week has been so very exciting, as I was chosen as the's "Doer of the Week" from their Dreamers Into Doers community! When I received an email from Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia a while back asking me to answer their interview questions for a feature on their site, I was THRILLED to say the least, but also did not want to get too excited too soon, just in case schedules changed or anything like that. SO... to my surprise and excitement this week, I received the link and post on Martha's site and facebook page that I was featured and I have been overwhelmed, ecstatic and just extremely thankful ever since! I think the word that best describes the experience so far since the article went live on the site is...whirlwind?! Past Doers of the Week can relate I am sure - site traffic goes crazy, emails, inquiries and questions increase and there are tons of sweet people offering congratulations and well wishes! It has been such a great experience!

If you are not familiar with the Dreamers Into Doers community on, it's a community portion of Martha Stewart's website created for everyone out there "dedicated to making their business dreams come true". It's not just for present business owners, but also for anyone dreaming of starting their own business and looking for inspiration, tips, networking, support and advice. Members create profiles where they can share blog posts, photos, links and talk with other members. There are also groups that members join that suit their interests such as "Mompreneurs" for the moms balancing kids, jobs and new businesses, "Shop Girls" for anyone with their own retail sites and stores, and "Party People" for party planners and designers. I am a member of all three of these groups and just the support, inspiration and positive spirit seen throughout the site and within these groups in particular is really great!  If you have your own business or are thinking of starting one, it is a must see & join!

So each week, the team at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia & chooses one member of the DID community to feature as their Doer of the Week. They share their story of how they started their business, their obstacles, their achievements, and what they have learned along the way. I was so honored to be chosen and asked to share my story - I am a huge fan of Martha's and love her businesses, her website and the awesome DID community. To be chosen and featured is such an honor for me. One of the best parts of it all has been how many people have reached out to me to say that my interview has inspired them since they too are juggling being a mom, and still working at their full time job while trying to grow their dream business that they hope to also one day make their full time career. It means so much to me that they liked my story and that it has helped them to continue to stay positive and focused during this difficult part of growing their business.

Here's the link to the complete interview and article if you'd like to read more! :)

Have a great (and SAFE!) weekend!

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