A Few More Website Updates + Awesome New Products + A Halloween Card Discount

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Hi! Just a quick post to share a couple of things about the recent website updates I announced. I have made a few additional changes, to hopefully make things easier for everyone in the shopping and ordering process! In my last post, I explained that I was moving to a more printable-design focused format. I changed everything to be in DIY digital/printable format, with an option to add printing in a different area. This was based on a recent order trend of many, many DIY printable orders! BUT... I have to admit that once the site changes went live, I just wasn't comfortable sending customers to a different area for printing, and honestly, I wasn't happy that I was not promoting the awesome, fabulous, wonderful quality cardstock that our printed cards come on, which so many of our customers order. It just didn't feel right and I wasn't happy with the new order process for adding printing after a few weeks of testing it out SO.. I changed it again and it's even better than ever! I think the new set up in the shop is the easiest it has ever been and it works for everyone - the DIYer or anyone ordering high-quality printed items! While I was updating this, I also finally added MANY new items that I am so extremely excited about! More on those below...

So here's what has changed in the shop in terms of ordering options:

1 - DIY & PRINTED CHOICES FOR EVERY ITEM, ALL IN ONE PLACE. You can now select DIY or printed quantities in the same area on the site. Simply click on the drop down next to QUANTITY and you will see that you can choose DIY for $18, or your printed and shipped quantity. For printed orders, your paper selections will be on the next drop down.

2 - NEW MINIMUM QUANTITY FOR PRINTED CARDS IS 15. Yay! I know many of you will be very excited about this - we now offer a lower minimum quantity for printed cardstock cards - 15!  For years, our minimum quantity has been 25, so this is an exciting change that I think many of you will enjoy for smaller printed orders. Our new pack of 15 printed cardstock cards is $30 and comes with your choice of FIVE high-quality, premium cardstock papers, plus white envelopes.

3 - NEW SMOOTH FELT CARDSTOCK PAPER OPTION. We are excited to add another fabulous cardstock option for you to choose from - Smooth Felt! Smooth Felt Cardstock is a 130 lb. cover cardstock and features a luxurious feel and smooth finish for an ultra-luxe, high-quality cardstock card at no additional upgrade price!

And here are the NEW categories and fabulous items I added to the shop:

1 - PERSONALIZED WALL ART FOR KIDS! Our new personalized wall art prints are available in DIY format, or printed on Kodak Professional Archival Digital paper and mounted on 50 pt backer board. All of these designs can be personalized with name, colors and photos! Our new personalized wall art prints come in a variety or styles that feature photos, alphabet designs and more and they make the perfect keepsake or adorable gift for a new mom! You can see all of our new personalized wall art prints here.

CALEIGH Perfect Patterns 8x10 Personalized Photo Wall Art Print by Inkberry Cards

2 - NEW MODERN MONOGRAMMED STATIONERY DESIGNS! If you love modern circle monograms as much as I do, then I think you will love our new monogrammed stationery designs! All designs can be customized with your own color scheme to truly personalize them just how you want them! Check out all of our new monogrammed stationery designs here.

Chic Gray Chevron - Circle Monogram Stationery by Inkberry Cards

3 - NEW MONOGRAMMED CALLING CARDS! I am really excited to add new calling card designs to the shop featuring the modern circle monograms that I love! Calling cards may also be completely personalized and customized just how you want them with colors, text and with or without the monogram. View all of our new calling card designs here.

Aqua Dot Circle Monogram Calling Card by Inkberry Cards

4 - NEW 2 INCH CIRCLE RETURN ADDRESS LABELS! Another NEW & EXCITING addition to the shop, I have added 2 inch circle return address labels available in both DIY & printed/shipped format, just in time for the holidays! I am gradually adding matching labels for every card and invitation in my shop, but for now you can find labels to match our most popular holiday card designs. If you do not see the design you need, just email me (jenn@inkberrycards.com) and let me know and I will be happy to add it for you to purchase! View all of our new circle address labels here.

Traditional Christmas Stripe (monogram) Circle Return Address Label by Inkberry Cards

5 - NEW HOLIDAY CARDS FOR 2012! Yay! Our newest holiday card designs have been added to the shop, including three new ornate cut designs! You can check out all of our new holiday card designs here. I hope you will love them as much as I do!

Polka Dot Stripe Ornate Cut Holiday Card by Inkberry Cards
I think that just about covers all of the fun new items I have been working on and adding to the shop! I hope you will check them out and I would love to hear what you think!

Also, Halloween is right around the corner and we are offering 15% off all of our Halloween photo card designs October 16th through the 25th. Just enter coupon code HALLOWEEN15 at checkout to save 15% on your DIY or printed/shipped Halloween photo card order. We suggest ordering by October 22nd for printed/shipped delivery in time for Halloween mailing! :) Check out our adorable Halloween photo card designs here.

Thanks so much for reading all about what's new at Inkberry! Have a great week!

 - Jenn

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