Fabulous Fall Ball Photos by Allison Curti Photography

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Earlier this month, we finished up my son's first season of T-Ball and were lucky enough to have a professional photographer mom among us, Allison Curti, to take the end of season team photos! Here are just a few of the awesome, super cute photos Allison took for us! My favorite are the shots that were not your typical team photos, many of which she took while the kids were just playing together in between their individual photo sessions. I loved how she was able to capture the kids in action, having fun and being the adorable 5 year olds they are!! These are just a few examples of the great memories she captured for all of us.


View more of Allison Curti's photography and check out her blog (http://allisoncurtiphotography.blogspot.com/) to see her beautiful portrait and family photos as well right here.

Thanks so much Allison!

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